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My Friend Are You Looking For?

A Unique Church historically birthed from the original assembly of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Compassionate Church that truly cares about others and loves the unlovable.

A Revival Church where passionate preaching and relevant teaching still changes lives.



The Assault on Truth

Which Bible?

The Martyrs Bible

Modern Translations

Why Street Preaching?

Spurgeon On Open Air Preaching

The Courts on Open Air Preaching

The Bible on Open Air Preaching

Which Church?

Why Jesus Christ?

The Trail of Blood

Real Church

Historicity of Jesus Christ

The Biblical Christ

Lighthouse AnaBaptist Church 2136 W. Atlantic Springfield, Missouri (417) 812-6672

A Listening Church that earnestly prays for broken, and hurting hearts

An Evangelistic Church that has a vision to shine the light of the glorious gospel to all.

Does Your Heart Burn To Sit At Jesus Feet?